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Sunday 21 January 2018 | 1:28
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KYB Minibuffers: industrial shock absorbers

KYB Minibuffers: Outline and features

KYB Minibuffers are industrial shock absorbers developed on the basis of long years of technical experience, expertise, and actual achievements in the industry and they are now being used to absorb shock in all industrial sectors.

We have been endeavouring to meet requirements of industrial circle for product safety, reduction of noise, curtailment of cycle time, in the aim of reaching increased automation, higher speed, and smaller size of the Minibuffer.

KYB Minibuffers: easy to use to meet customers' needs


1. Smooth Stop


KYB minibuffers being of Kayaba's own porous-type orifice construction, an ideal energy absorption and a smooth stop are made possible.


- They can stop an object slowly but surely even in case of high speed impact, like for instance in injection moulding takeout robots.


- On the other side the low speed series can stop surely and smoothly even a very heavy mass.



KYB Minibuffers are constructed with an oil lock mechanism and therefore no bottoming is caused, dispensing the user to install a mechanical external stopper.

3. Possibility to use 2 pieces or more in parallel


As dispersion in performance is negligible, it is possible to use 2 pieces or more in parallel.

4. No need of adjustment


Thanks to the Kayaba's own porous-type orifice, construction, the Minibuffer can be used, within the scope of its specifications, without any adjustment.

5. Sound-stopping cap


In case of high-speed operations, impact sound can be softly removed by a sound-stopping cap mounted on the Minibuffer.

6. Installing at 360°


The Minibuffer can be installed in any position, at 360°.

7. Wide range


A wide range of types from 1,2 J up to 392 J (0,12 - 40 kgf·m) absorbing energy.

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